Somatic Synthesis Workshops
with Amy Matthews

Two Year-long Series of 10 Weekend Workshops

Somatic Synthesis Workshops (SSW) are made up of two year-long series of 10 weekend workshops. These workshops provide opportunities to explore advanced concepts in anatomy, kinesiology, physiology and embryology.

Within each workshop there are lectures, asana practice and analysis, structured explorations, teaching practice and feedback. We pay particular attention to the development of embodied teaching skills and explore what it “is” to transmit information with skill. Students are challenged to use these explorations to develop principles of skillful teaching and put them into practice.

These workshops are open to people interested in expanding their understanding of anatomy, kinesiology and physiology who want to develop teaching in the context of embodiment. They can be taken individually and in any order though the final three weekends require attendance at previous workshops.

Register nowSomatic Synthesis Workshops:
Layers & Patterns

2014: A Series of 10 Weekend Workshops

Somatic Synthesis Workshops:
Systems & Fundamentals

2015: A Series of 10 Weekend Workshops


Somatic Synthesis Weekend workshops are for people with basic training in anatomy and kinesiology as well as teaching experience.

Possible prior training:


Full Year (10 weekend workshops) $3,300
Single Workshop $400


Pay for all the remaining weekends to save $50 on each weekend.
Pay for a single workshop eight weeks in advance to receive $25 off.

Amy Matthews is a masterful teacher.  She has deepened my understanding of anatomy, and she has deepened my experiential awareness of my own body.  I value her knowledge and wisdom, and I have so enjoyed taking her workshops.

—Julia Hough

Studying anatomy and kinesiology with Amy Matthews is fun and interesting!  Surrounded by lots of visual aids, Amy breaks apart complicated concepts into bite-size pieces that are easy to understand.  She has provided me with a new understanding of the human body that has radically changed the way I practice and teach yoga.  Amy is a present and accessible teacher with extraordinary knowledge, wisdom and insight into the human body and how it moves.

—Alicia Suárez

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