Developmental Fundamentals with Amy Matthews

Thursdays, 8:00am - 9:00am

This class weaves together principles of embodied anatomy, developmental movement, the Bartenieff Fundamentals and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) to take you on a tour of your own body and breath.

The full class is spent lying on the floor, focusing deeply on connectivity within the body and your relationship with gravity and space. These relationships and connections are the building blocks for our activities of daily life, as well as for practices like yoga asana, martial arts, sports, etc.

No prior experience with yoga is necessary. This is an excellent class for people with injuries, and for anyone who would like to know their body better.

This is a small group class and pre-registration is required. Please contact Amy at to register.

Amy’s classes in Developmental Fundamentals [of body movement] are akin to a fine wine… that permeates your entire being. An ambrosia enters through the channels of all your senses. You hear her voice and words, and follow her suggestions. The effects travel like an essence, an aroma, taste and texture, that reaches your belly and your brain with a surprising warmth like wine that seeps and spreads through the blood system and effects your awareness. However, unlike wine, her work is planted and takes root and follows you out the door, creating subtle and thorough changes.

—Judith Feldman

My favorite thing about Amy’s yoga classes is how much individual attention she is able to give each student in the class, while making it relevant to everyone at the same time.  Her open and generous spirit invites questions, and her thorough knowledge of yoga and anatomy allows her to help with any issue, gently guiding you on to the path to your own personal yoga practice. Her classes are physically and spiritually uplifting and invigorating – she’s simply an amazing teacher!

—Phil Verges