Beyond Anatomy: A Somatic Symposium

Challenging Assumptions, Questioning Answers, Shifting the Paradigm

A Weekend Symposium in NYC
April 1 – 2, 2017



In a spirit of questioning, collaboration and dialogue, these four innovative explorers of human structure and function will ponder what territory lies beyond the traditional study of anatomy.

Peter, Leslie and Amy, moderated by Brooke, will engage with each other and with participants in the deeply personal questions of what it means to move, breathe and feel our way through the wondrous dance between matter and spirit that gives rise to our embodied selves.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be part of a room full of curious people for moderated interviews and discussion, embodied movement explorations, and time to integrate and dialog with others.

Want to know more? Read our FAQs.

Peter Blackaby

Asana yoga teacher, anatomy teacher, author
Author of Intelligent Yoga

Amy Matthews

Somatic movement educator, Body-Mind Centering teacher, yoga teacher
Co-author of Yoga Anatomy

Leslie Kaminoff

Yoga educator, author
Co-author of Yoga Anatomy

Brooke Thomas

Rolfing practitioner, movement educator
Founder of Liberated Body podcast


April 1 – 2, 2017
Saturday & Sunday
9:00am – 5:00pm


The Breathing Project
15 W 26th St, 10th Floor
New York, NY


$490/TBP Members $450
$250 One-day Option for Saturday or Sunday


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this Symposium be available online?
A: No, this is an in-person participatory event. Please consider joining us for this one-of-a-kind happening!

Q: How can I get a better idea of what the event will be like?
A: We invite you to visit our Beyond Anatomy resources page to get to know the presenters and moderator. Our resources page includes a video conversation between the presenters and moderator, as well as podcast interviews, quotes, and website info.

Q: Will I learn how to fix my (or my client’s) shoulder/hip/knee/lower back issue?
A: Not exactly, but maybe. While you won’t get “answers” or learn techniques for specific situations, you might come away with new insights and perspective on how you think about and engage with such “problems.” You might gain clarity (or fruitful confusion) about your principles, questions and approach.

Q: If I’m not going to learn new techniques or anatomical information, what will I learn or gain?
A: We’re excited to be offering the opportunity and space for anatomy, movement and somatic inquirers to gather and be in our questions individually and together. Please join us if you’re interested in listening to and being inspired by teachers whose unique paths have been led by their questions. Join us to engage with others while examining your own paradigm. Join us to consider how our principles and practices relate to each other, in a supportive setting where each person’s experience and perspective is valued and where agreement is not the goal.