Leslie Kaminoff founded The Breathing Project in 2001 as a non-profit dedicated to the sharing of educational, community-based programming related to yoga, anatomy and health enrichment.

From 2003 until mid-2017 the main vehicle for this mission was the physical studio we ran in New York City.

The Breathing Project is continuing its mission of community service by producing and co-sponsoring workshops, immersions, symposia and publications featuring thought leaders from the fields of yoga, anatomy, somatics and other allied fields.

We also offer a fundraising umbrella to facilitate donations to individual and small groups for whom starting their own nonprofit organization would be impractical.

To these ends, we offer you the chance to make a tax-deductible donation to fund our general operations, or a specific initiative, and to sign up for occasional mailings that will alert you to scheduled events and projects.

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for your support over the years. Leslie looks forward to great things ahead. If you have a suggestion for an initiative that The Breathing Project can help with, feel free to contact him.

Amy Matthews works with adults and infants using principles from Body-Mind Centering®, Laban Movement Analysis, the Bartenieff Fundamentals and other somatic practices to explore and teach developmental movement, embodied anatomy and embryology in the context of yoga and other movement practices.

She was a part of The Breathing Project from its founding and taught her Embodied Anatomy & Kinesiology class there for 12 years. She developed a two year long “Practices in Embodied Teaching” course that she offered five times over 10 years, and with Sarah Barnaby started the TBP Membership Program, offering events for people interested in everything from cellular consciousness to the art of conversation.

Amy Matthews' teaching home in NYC is now Babies Project, where you can find her classes and workshops for infants of all ages (including adults). Amy's website, embodiedasana.com, is where you can find information about all her classes and workshops in NYC, and links to her traveling teaching schedule and online offerings.

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Babies Project is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to sharing Body-Mind Centering®-based principles of developmental movement with infants, toddlers and adults.

Our approach to working with infants and their caregivers stems from a philosophy that applies to everyone. We believe that while the first year is crucial in supporting optimal development, we can revisit developmental movement patterns at any age – including as adults – in order to find more support and become more resilient. We believe that babies of all ages can benefit from being witnessed and in relationship with themselves and others in a supportive, spacious environment.

Created by Sarah Barnaby and Amy Matthews, Babies Project had its beginning in the free Babies! sessions that Amy started and offered as part of The Breathing Project’s programming from 2008 to 2017.

Babies! has served over 500 infants and their caregivers since its start, with some families returning every week for months at a time. Our goal is to help caregivers find more resources for being in relationship with the babies they care for, and to help them develop more skills about touching and handling their little ones.

With the opening of their transformed space in September 2017, Babies Project now offers a full schedule, including:

Modeled after the program Sarah and Amy created and curated at The Breathing Project, Babies Project has a membership program aimed at fostering community and a spirit of shared inquiry. BP Members receive discounts on classes and workshops as well as free admission to all of our members events, which are organized in series:

  • Comfort & Curiosity: These Q&A sessions with Amy and Sarah will each focus on a particular theme or principle related to developmental movement.
  • Body Parts, Patterns & Poses: These mini-workshops with Amy are each focused on a particular yoga asana or movement. We will draw on developmental movement, embryology, anatomy and kinesiology as supports for movement.
  • A Cellular Bestiary: These mini-immersions with Sarah are opportunities to consider ourselves as (multi)cellular beings and dive down to the level of a particular cell type. Through discussion, images and somatic practices, we'll explore the life, activities and local environment of our chosen cell.
  • Geek Night: These exploratory sessions each focus on ideas in embryology, biology and physiology that Sarah and Amy are excited about and researching. We'll explore these ideas and consider how they relate to how we’re in the world together. These sessions include discussion and movement explorations.
  • Den of Inquiry: This conversation series is oriented around conversation as a practice. Each session focuses on a short reading, video or podcast. We'll talk about the content as well as how we come together and talk about things.